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The Elephant and the Fly

An elephant was standing and picking leaves from a tree. A small fly came,flying and buzzing (嗡嗡叫) near his ear. The elephant waved it away with his long ears. Then the fly came again, and the elephant waved it away once more.

This was repeated several times. Then the elephant asked the fly, “Why are you so restless and noisy? Why can’t you stay for a while in one place? ”

The fly answered, “I am attracted to whatever I see, hear or smell. My five senses pull me constantly in all directions and I cannot resist them.What is your secret? How can you stay so calm and still?”

The elephant stopped eating and said, “My five senses do not rule my attention. Whatever I do, I get involved in it. Now that I am eating, I am completely absorbed in eating. In this way I can enjoy my food and chew it better. I rule and control my attention, and not the other way around. So when you are in charge of your five senses and attention, your mind will become calm, too.”
















An elephant was constantly disturbed by a restless fly, who wondered about the secret of remaining calm. The elephant revealed that calmness would be obtained when one’s senses and attention were focused.

After reading the story, I was inspired by what the elephant said. The ability to focus one’s attention is the key to success in doing anything. Just like the fly, a person who is easily distracted by the surroundings will feel restless and tired, is unable to achieve his success.

This reminds me of what happened when I entered high school as a Senior One student. I was so excited to find that there were various student organizations and after-class activities intended for us students. It seemed that many groups were suited to me. During the first term, I was attracted whenever there was a notice from a student group and I was eager to find out more about it. As a result, I didn’t spend enough time on my studies. Nor could I settle down on my homework every day. Consequently, I fell behind my classmates and failed in an important exam.

I have learned a lesson from this experience that one should focus on one thing at a time before he can get it well done. As a Senior Three student, I intend to set a clear goal for myself first. Then I will give priority to what I will be doing and keep it up, trying to resist the temptation of other events. I am fully aware that only when I have a clear and determined mind can I achieve my goal in the end.



【亮点说明】文中使用了非常好的短语和句子为文章增色不少,比如reminds sb of使某人想起…,so…that如此…以至于…, was eager to渴望做某事, focus on专注于,还运用了who, that,when, whenever引导的宾语从句,定语从句和状语从句等等。Nor could I settle down on my homework every day.是一个倒装句。并注意了句子的衔接如:As a result,Then等等。




For most, getting your first car opens up a new world of freedom and allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Getting a car did this for me, and it also brought my best friend and me . But then it tore us apart.

My best friend lives three minutes from my . Since her is in late summer,seven months behind mine, I basically became her when I turned 16 in December.

And so I her up for school and took her home. We made ice-cream , went shopping and to the movies―all in my car. I would drive to her house just to sit on her bed, read magazines and have a good laugh. I went to her house so that she gave me a to her house.

A week after I got my license,she was with me I had my first accident. She was there and me and we kept it a , since I didn’t want people to . From then on, through thick and thin, it was just me, my car and my best friend.

High school is a time of , but I couldn’t for a long time we became so distant(疏远)after being so close. My friend waited three months after her birthday to get her dream car:a green 2004 Beetle. With its , the passenger seat of my car became . Our car trips became less frequent I didn’t even drive down her street.

It’s funny how a car can change a relationship so much. I had wanted her to get a car, but once she did, I it. I wanted her friendship back, even if it couldn’t be the same.

1.A. some B. any C. none D. all

2.A. closer B. farther C. luckier D. happier

3.A. neighbor B. school C. home D. family

4.A. holiday B. birthday C. course D. job

5.A. driver B. follower C. partner D. guide

6.A. picked B. woke C. called D. hurried

7.A. parties B. trips C. plans D. classes

8.A. happily B. often C. hardly D. seldom

9.A. key B. door C. address D. phone

10.A. while B. but C. after D. when

11.A. saved B. suggested C. advised D. comforted

12.A. favorite B. secret C. pride D. joke

13.A. help B. see C. know D. laugh

14.A. change B. disappointment C. friendship D. excitement

15.A. understand B. answer C. imagine D. believe

16.A. when B. where C. how D. what

17.A. arrival B. dream C. return D. beauty

18.A. broken B. crowded C. empty D. different

19.A. however B. until C. as D. before

20.A. regretted B. received C. enjoyed D. lost

























1.D代词辨析some:一些any:任何none:没有all:所有。据上文“For most, getting a car opens up a new world of freedom and allows you to go wherever you want.” 可知,拥有一辆车,使作者可以做到这一切。故选D。

2.A形容词比较级辨析 closer:更亲密 farther:更远 luckier:更幸运 happier:更开心。根据下文发生转折的一句话:“But then it tore us apart (分开).”可知,此处应该是好朋友和我更亲密。故选A。

3.C名词辨析 neighbor:邻居 school:学校 home:家 family:家庭。根据语境好朋友住的地方离我的“家”有三分钟的车程。故选C。

4.B名词辨析holiday:假日 birthday:生日 course:课程 job:工作。根据下文“when I turned 16 in December.”可知,此空应该是和年龄有关。故选B。

5.A名词辨析driver:司机 follower:同伴 partner:搭档 guide:向导。根据下段内容,作者开车和好朋友一起做很多事情,所以此空当然是“driver”。故选A。

6.A动词辨析 此句句意为:“我也接她上学和送她回家”。 pick up 开车接; wake up 叫醒; call up 给某人打电话; hurry up加快。故选A。

7.B名词辨析parties:派对 trips:旅行 plans:计划 classes:班级。根据后文“went shopping and to the movies―all in my car”可知,此空应填行程 “trip”。故选B。

8.B副词辨析 happily:开心地 often:经常 hardly:几乎不 seldom:很少地。根据语境“我经常去她家,她给了我她家的钥匙”,故选B。

9.A名词辨析 key:钥匙 door:门 address:地址 phone:手机。根据介词“to”可知此处搭配为“…的钥匙”,故选A。

10.D连词辨析 while: 在…时;然而 but:但是 after:在…之后 when:当….时候。根据下文 “She was there and comforted me” 可知在我拿到驾照后第一次出事故时她过来安慰我。 故选D。

11.D动词辨析 saved:挽救,攒 suggested:建议,表明 advised建议 comforted:安慰,使舒适。当发生事故时,好朋友和作者在一起,当然是“安慰”作者。故选D。

12.B形容词辨析 favorite:喜爱 secret:秘密 pride:骄傲 joke:玩笑。根据语境“我们不想让别人知道这个事故,所以让它成为一个秘密”。故选B。

13.C动词辨析 help:希望 see:看见 know:知道,了解 laugh:笑。根据上文“we kept it a secret,”可知作者不希望别人知道这个事故。故选C。

14.A名词辨析 change:改变,变化 disappointment:失望 friendship:友谊 excitement:兴奋。根据下文“…we became so distant now.” 可知她们从亲密到疏远,友谊发生了“变化”。故选A。

15.A动词辨析understand:理解 answer:回答 imagine:想象 believe:相信。根据语境“我对我们现在的关系是如何变得如此疏远不能理解”。故选A。

16.C疑问词辨析 根据句意 “好长时间以来我都不明白我们现在的关系是如何变得如此疏远的”,故选C。

17.A名词辨析 arrival:到达 dream:梦想 return:返回 beauty:美。根据上文 “Finally, my friend got her dream car:a green 2004 Beetle.” 可知随着她的新车的到来,我的副驾驶座位变的空荡荡了。故选A。

18.C形容词辨析 broken:坏的 crowded:拥挤的 empty:空的 different:不同的。根据语境好朋友有了自己的车,我车里乘客的位置当然是“空”的了。故选C。

19.B连词辨析 however:然而 until:直到 as: before:在…之前。根据语境“我们开车出去的时候变得越来越少,直到我甚至都不去她住的那条街了”,故选B。

20.A动词辨析regretted:后悔 received:接收 enjoyed:享受 lost:失去。根据上文 “I had wanted her to get a car, but once she did,”可知作者曾希望她拥有自己的车,可当她真的有了自己的车,作者又后悔了,非常希望这份友谊能回来。故选A。