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Proverbs and idioms are a key part of learning a language! Instead of saying directly what you mean, proverbs can help you paint a picture of it instead, and allow you to help the person you are talking to understand you better.谚语和习语是学习一门语言的关键部分!谚语可以帮助你描绘一幅图画,而不是直接说出你的意思,让你帮助你说话的人更好地理解你。

Common phrases can be used in the conversations you have with other people every day, in the TV shows and newspaper articles you watch and read, and even at work or in class. In order to fully understand a language, you must know all these phrases and sentences.常见的短语可以用在你每天和别人的谈话中,在你看和读的电视节目和报纸文章中,甚至在工作或课堂上。为了完全理解一门语言,你必须知道所有这些短语和句子。

What better topic to paint a picture about than food? All of these proverbs have to do with food! Do not read this if you are hungry – it may only make you hungrier! Wait until you have eaten to go through this list.还有什么比食物更好的话题来描绘呢?所有这些谚语都与食物有关!如果你饿了就不要读这本书,它只会让你更饿!等你吃完饭再看这个清单。

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!一天一苹果,医生远离我!

Many proverbs do not mean what they literally say, but in some cases, this proverb is used this way.许多谚语并不是字面上的意思,但在某些情况下,这句谚语是这样使用的。

Especially for children who do not like to eat their fruits, parents can tell them “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” to convince them that they will not have to see any doctor if they eat their fruits.尤其是对于不喜欢吃水果的孩子,家长可以告诉他们“一天一个苹果,医生远离你!”“让他们相信,如果他们吃了水果,就不必去看医生。

In other situations, the speaker may mean this generally – in that, if you eat healthy foods and take care of yourself, you will not have any health problems or have to visit the doctor.在其他情况下,演讲者通常会这么说——如果你吃健康的食物并且照顾好自己,你就不会有任何健康问题或者必须去看医生。

My sister only eats her fruits and vegetables if my mom reminds her that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”我姐姐只吃水果和蔬菜,如果我妈妈提醒她“一天一个苹果,医生远离你!”。

If you ask your doctor for some advice on how to stay healthy, they might make a joke and tell you that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”如果你向你的医生请教如何保持健康,他们可能会开个玩笑,告诉你“一天一个苹果可以让医生远离你”。

2. A hungry man is an angry man!饿汉易怒!

While this proverb specifically talks about a man, this actually applies to all people – women and children included. When someone is hungry, whether they are grown or not, they are likely to be angry.虽然这句谚语专门谈到一个男人,但这实际上适用于所有人——包括妇女和儿童。当有人饿的时候,不管他们是否长大了,他们都可能会生气。

When someone uses this proverb, they mean that someone who is hungry and has not had his needs met (whether it is specifically related to food or not) is more likely to be emotional.当有人使用这句谚语时,他们的意思是饥饿的人,没有满足他的需要(无论是否与食物有关)更有可能是情绪化的。

People are only in their right mind and can make complex decisions if they are full and have their needs met.人们只有在正确的头脑中,如果他们吃饱了,并且满足了他们的需求,他们才能做出复杂的决定。

When you are trying to have a meeting right before lunch, you are likely to get some people who will not pay attention or will give you pushback for trying to force them into a meeting by saying, “A hungry man is an angry man!”当你想在午饭前开会时,你很可能会让一些人不注意你,或者因为你试图强迫他们开会而推倒你说:“饥饿的人是愤怒的人!“

When I was younger, I would never ask my mother whether I could go to my friend’s house if she had not yet eaten lunch or dinner, because I knew that she would always say no if she hadn’t eaten! A hungry man is an angry man!在我小的时候,我从来不会问我妈妈,如果她还没吃午饭或晚餐,我是否可以去我朋友的家,因为我知道她总是说不,如果她没有吃!饥饿的人是愤怒的人!

3. Eat to live but do not live to eat!吃饭是为了活着,但活着不是为了吃饭。

Some people love eating so much that they make their entire existence about finding the most delicious food for them to have.有些人太爱吃东西了,以至于他们为了找到最美味的食物而自食其力。

They wake up thinking about what they want to have for breakfast, and then they spend as much time as possible figuring out which restaurants are the most delicious, and making sure that they go there and eat the best dishes.他们醒来后会想早餐想吃什么,然后会花尽可能多的时间找出哪家餐馆最好吃,并确保他们去那里吃最好的菜。

This is great for most people who love eating, but this proverb warns against people who might take this a step too far.这对大多数喜欢吃东西的人来说是很好的,但是这句谚语警告人们不要走得太远。

Instead of finding some “greater purpose” for their lives, such as educating younger people or working for the poor, they think that their purpose is to eat as much as possible.他们没有为自己的生活找到一些“更大的目标”,例如教育年轻人或为穷人工作,而是认为自己的目标是尽可能多地吃饭。

If someone uses this proverb, it means that you should not put so much importance on eating. Instead, you should only eat enough to live, but you should not spend too much time thinking about food.如果有人用这句谚语,那就意味着你不应该把吃饭放在那么重要的位置。相反,你应该只吃够活,但你不应该花太多时间思考食物。

Once someone is overweight, they should think about eating to live, but not living to eat.一旦有人超重了,他们就应该考虑吃饭是为了生存,而不是为了吃饭而活着。

My friend Ted absolutely has to find the best restaurants in every city that he travels to, so he ends up doing more research about food than research about places to stay or things to do. His wife always gets frustrated with him, saying that he should think about eating to live, but not living to eat.我的朋友特德必须在他去的每一个城市都找到最好的餐馆,所以他最终做的是关于食物的研究,而不是关于住的地方或事情的研究。他的妻子总是对他感到沮丧,说他应该考虑吃饭来生活,而不是活着来吃饭。

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!不要把一切希望寄托在一件事上

If you are in a position to invest in something, or you want to take a chance, it is tempting to believe everything you hear. However, you never really know what is good and what will work, so that is a dangerous thing to do.如果你有能力投资某件事,或者你想冒险,那么相信你所听到的一切是很有诱惑力的。然而,你永远不会真正知道什么是好的,什么会起作用,所以这是一件危险的事情。

In cases like these, this proverb is good to keep in mind. It means that you should not put all your money in one investment if you are talking about investing or stocks.在这种情况下,这句谚语很好记住。这意味着,如果你在谈论投资或股票,你不应该把所有的钱都投在一项投资上。

If you are talking about a job, the proverb means that you should not think that everything will be perfect with that single job. You should instead look for several ways to make money.如果你在谈论一份工作,谚语的意思是,你不应该认为每件事都会完美的与单一的工作。相反,你应该寻找几种赚钱的方法。

This proverb comes from the idea that, in older times, people would buy groceries and bring them home in a basket.这句谚语来源于这样一种观念:在老年人,人们会买杂货,然后把它们放在篮子里带回家。

If you bought eggs, you should not put them all in the same basket, because if you accidentally drop the basket or bump into something, the basket could fall on the floor and all your eggs would break.如果你买了鸡蛋,你不应该把它们都放在同一个篮子里,因为如果你不小心掉到篮子里或撞到什么东西,篮子会掉在地上,你所有的鸡蛋都会碎。

Instead, you should be more conservative and put some eggs in multiple baskets, so that if one fails, you can still rely on the others to still be there.相反,你应该更加保守,把一些鸡蛋放在多个篮子里,这样,如果其中一个失败了,你仍然可以依靠其他鸡蛋继续留在那里。

When my sister came to me for investment advice, she was thinking about putting all her money in her friend’s start up. However, I knew that that would be foolish, and told her to split her money in many different stocks. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” I said. Luckily, she listened to me, because her friend went bankrupt two years later.当我姐姐向我寻求投资建议时,她正在考虑把所有的钱都投到她朋友的初创公司里。然而,我知道那是愚蠢的,告诉她把钱分给许多不同的股票。“不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里!“我说。幸运的是,她听了我的话,因为她的朋友两年后破产了。

Most people should think about getting a side job to bring in some income, because it is hard to know if or when you will be let go from your main job. If that happens, do not come back crying to me! I told you not to put all your eggs in one basket!大多数人应该考虑找一份兼职工作来赚取一些收入,因为很难知道你是否或何时会从你的主要工作中解脱出来。如果那样的话,不要回来哭我!我告诉过你不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里!

5. It’s no use crying over spilt milk!覆水难收

When you see a child who has spilled something – such as their milk – you will likely see them crying about it as well. The classic image of a crying child is one that has the ice cream part of his ice cream cone on the ground.当你看到一个孩子洒了一些东西,比如他们的牛奶,你可能会看到他们也在哭。哭闹的孩子的典型形象是把冰淇淋的一部分放在地上。

When you are a child, crying like this is okay, because you do not understand much. However, when you are an adult, this is much less acceptable.当你还是个孩子的时候,像这样哭是可以的,因为你不太明白。然而,当你是一个成年人,这是不可接受的。

This proverb tells people not to cry over spilt milk – or not to cry (or wallow in sorrow, or stay on another negative emotion) over something that has already happened.这句谚语告诉人们不要为洒下的牛奶哭泣,也不要为已经发生的事情哭泣(或沉浸在悲伤中,或停留在另一种消极情绪中)。

Since there is no way to change the past, what has happened, has happened. Instead, you should move on and try to fix the problem, or just forget it.既然没有办法改变过去,发生了什么,发生了什么。相反,你应该继续努力解决这个问题,或者干脆忘掉它。

The company wants us to try to fix all the problems that we have had with our new product, but I honestly think that it’s no use crying over spilt milk! We should just move on and work on our next product.公司希望我们设法解决新产品出现的所有问题,但我真诚地认为,为洒出来的牛奶哭泣是没有用的!我们应该继续做下一个产品。

I know Jim feels that he will never love again after the girl he was going to propose to broke up with him. But, as I keep telling him, it’s no use crying over spilt milk! We love and we learn.我知道吉姆觉得在他打算和他分手的那个女孩之后,他再也不会爱她了。但是,正如我一直告诉他的,为洒出来的牛奶哭泣是没有用的!我们爱学习。

6. One man’s meat is another man’s poison!萝卜青菜,各有所爱!

Someone that loves to eat meat could bring their friend to their favorite steak or BBQ restaurant – only to remember that their friend is vegetarian! Even if they look at the same dish, they will have very different perspectives on what it is.喜欢吃肉的人可以带他们的朋友去他们最喜欢的牛排或烧烤餐厅,但要记住他们的朋友是素食者!即使他们看的是同一道菜,他们对它的看法也会大相径庭。

One might think that the steak looks absolutely delicious and cannot wait to try it. However, the other may be utterly repulsed by it! In other words, what they think about that dish depends entirely on their personal situation.人们可能会认为牛排看起来绝对美味,迫不及待地想尝尝。然而,另一个可能会被它完全击退!换句话说,他们对那道菜的看法完全取决于他们的个人情况。

Likewise, this proverb means that something that is delicious meat in one man’s eyes will be like poison in the other man’s eyes.同样,这句谚语的意思是,一个人眼中的美味佳肴,另一个人眼中的毒药。

Ken was shocked to hear that there are people who do not like to drink bubble tea! However, he probably should have expected that because one man’s meat is another man’s poison.听说有人不喜欢喝泡茶,肯大为震惊!然而,他也许应该预料到,因为一个人的肉是另一个人的毒药。

When my father announced to our family that we would be taking a two week vacation to Japan, I was completely ecstatic and excited to go. However, my brothers looked like they could not care less about it – and might even prefer to stay home! I guess one man’s meat really is another man’s poison.当我父亲向我们全家宣布要去日本度假两周时,我欣喜若狂,很兴奋要去。然而,我的兄弟们似乎对此毫不在意,甚至宁愿呆在家里!我想真是萝卜青菜,各有所爱。

7. Too many cooks spoils the broth!人多手杂反坏事

When people are working on an issue or problem, it sometimes is the case that more labor is better. If there are more people working on something, they are more likely to come up with a great solution.当人们在处理一个问题或问题时,有时更多的劳动会更好。如果有更多的人在做某件事,他们更有可能想出一个很好的解决方案。

However, it could also be the case that too many people trying to work together creates many more problems than it solves. Instead of coming to a conclusion quickly, it could result in a lot of deliberation and slow progress.然而,也有可能是因为太多人试图一起工作,造成的问题比解决的问题多得多。它不会很快得出结论,而是可能导致大量的深思熟虑和缓慢的进展。

In addition, some people may think that the other people on the task force will solve the problem, and they will not take responsibility.此外,有些人可能会认为,专案组的其他人会解决问题,他们不会承担责任。

Or, it could be that too many people creates problems with communication and coordination, so that people who work together many not be up to date on the problem’s progress.或者,可能是太多的人在沟通和协调方面造成了问题,使得许多人一起工作的人不能及时了解问题的进展。

In this case, we can say that too many cooks spoils the broth. In other words, sometimes too many people trying to do something can ruin it. This is the case even if we have the best cooks in the world.在这种情况下,我们可以说太多的厨师坏了汤。换言之,有时候太多人试图做某事会毁掉它。即使我们有世界上最好的厨师,情况也是如此。

The basketball team clearly had the people with the most talent. However, they won fewer games than all the other teams! Looking back, it must have been that too many cooks spoils the broth, and all the superstars could not work well together.篮球队显然拥有最有天赋的人。然而,他们赢的比赛比其他球队都少!回首往事,一定是厨师太多,汤坏了,所有的巨星都不能很好地合作。

Some big, successful companies such as Google have teams of only a dozen people, maximum. They call this the “two pizza principle”, that teams should be able to be fed with just two pizzas. This is because too many cooks spoils the broth, and larger teams are very difficult to manage.一些成功的大公司,比如谷歌,最多只有十几个人的团队。他们称之为“双比萨饼原则”,即团队只需吃两个比萨饼。这是因为太多的厨师坏了汤,更大的团队很难管理。

8. We never miss water until the well runs dry!失去才懂得后悔!

When you have all the things you want, it is hard to appreciate everything. This is in part because some of the enjoyment you get out of something comes from the anticipation, or the time that you don’t have it but you are thinking about it.当你拥有所有你想要的东西时,很难欣赏所有的东西。这在一定程度上是因为你从某件事中得到的一些快乐来自于你的期待,或者是你没有它却在思考它的时候。

However, it is very easy to take things for granted. Instead of appreciating something that you have while you have it – such as the love of your family members, your significant other, money, or a safe place to live – you think that you are entitled to these things.然而,很容易把事情想当然。与其欣赏你拥有的东西,比如你家人的爱,你重要的另一半的爱,金钱,或者一个安全的生活场所,不如认为你有权拥有这些东西。

It is only when you no longer have these things that you miss them. The next time that you hear this proverb, you know that someone does not appreciate what they have until they lose it.只有当你不再拥有这些东西时,你才会想念它们。下次你听到这句谚语的时候,你就会知道有些人直到失去了它才懂得珍惜他们所拥有的。

Larry wished that he had appreciated his wife more when they had a good relationship. This is because ever since she decided to leave him, he had realized her worth. He never missed water until the well ran dry!拉里希望他妻子关系好的时候他能更感激她。这是因为自从她决定离开他,他就意识到了她的价值。直到井干了他才放水!

When Bart moved away from home to go to college, he found it very challenging to cook and clean for himself, especially since he had a large course load. It was only that he realized how much work his mother helped him with back home. He never missed water until the well ran dry!当巴特离开家去上大学时,他发现为自己做饭和打扫很有挑战性,特别是因为他有一大堆课程。只是他意识到母亲在家里帮了他多少忙。直到井干了他才放水!

9. Do not bite off more than you can chew!别贪多嚼不烂!

Biting off more than you can chew means taking on more than you can handle. For example, it would be too much for someone to handle more than three or four projects at once.咬掉你吃不完的东西意味着你承受不了的东西。例如,一个人同时处理三到四个以上的项目就太多了。

Trying to complete any more than that is biting off more than you can chew. In other words, it means trying to do too much at once. If someone feels overwhelmed by all that they have to do, tell them not to bite off more than they can chew!想要完成更多的事情,就等于咬掉了你无法咀嚼的东西。换言之,这意味着一次做太多。如果有人觉得被他们必须做的事压得喘不过气来,告诉他们不要吃得太多!

Before the semester started, I told my best friend Ruth not to bite off more than she could chew. However, she insisted, and decided to take six classes, accept a part time job, and was president of the dance club. Halfway through the semester, she was completely exhausted but she only had herself to blame.在学期开始前,我告诉我最好的朋友露丝不要贪多嚼不烂。然而,她坚持,决定上六节课,接受一份兼职工作,并担任舞蹈俱乐部的主席。学期进行到一半时,她筋疲力尽,但她只能怪自己。

It is good for companies to try many different projects at once, especially if they have the resources to do it. On the other hand, it is not wise to give any single employee to many things to do at once. Do not let individuals bite off more than they can chew!对公司来说,一次尝试许多不同的项目是有好处的,特别是如果他们有足够的资源去做的话。另一方面,让一个员工同时做很多事情是不明智的。不要让个人咬得太多而嚼不动!

10. Half a loaf is better than none!少胜于无

If you are looking around your house for something good to eat, it is better to have half a loaf of bread than none at all.如果你在家里四处寻找好吃的东西,吃半条面包总比一条也不吃好。

Even if it does not fill you up completely, you can feel less hungry if you have something to eat rather than nothing. Likewise, in many situations, it is better to have something than nothing, even if that means you did not finish.即使它不能完全填满你的肚子,如果你有东西吃而不是什么都没有,你也会觉得不那么饿。同样地,在很多情况下,有总比没有好,即使那意味着你没有完成。

Our boss will get mad at you if you have not finished your project by the deadline, but at least you can show him the progress you have made. Half a loaf is better than none!如果你没有在截止日期前完成你的项目,我们的老板会生你的气,但至少你可以向他展示你所取得的进展。半个面包总比没有好!

If you have some things left to do at the end of the day, it could be better to just start on it rather than leave it all for tomorrow. After all, half a loaf is better than none!如果你在一天结束的时候还有一些事情要做,最好还是从现在开始,而不是把一切都留给明天。毕竟,半个面包总比没有好!

11. A watched pot never boils!心急水不开!

This is a very common proverb. It can be used for parents or bosses who want to know everything about something, rather than checking in every once in a while.这是一句很常见的谚语。它可以用于家长或老板谁想知道的东西的一切,而不是每隔一段时间检查。

It means that if you keep paying attention to something and hoping that it will happen, it will never happen!这意味着,如果你一直关注某件事,并希望它会发生,它永远不会发生!

Instead, if you set it aside and come check back on it later, it will happen. This is likely because watching something too closely means that you miss big developments.相反,如果你把它放在一边,稍后再来查看,它就会发生。这可能是因为看得太近意味着你错过了大的发展。

As a teacher, I tell my overeager parents that a watched pot never boils. After all, constantly having their parents hovering over them will make any child nervous!作为一名老师,我告诉我那些过于热情的父母,眼睁睁的锅永远不会沸腾。毕竟,不断让父母在他们身边徘徊会让任何孩子感到紧张!

Nancy was surprised to find that the police officers made almost all their progress on solving the case when she was not bothering them about it. She finally learned that it takes up the officers’ time if she kept asking questions, and that a watched pot never boils!南希惊讶地发现,警察在破案方面几乎取得了所有的进展,而她却不去打扰他们。她终于明白,如果她不停地问问题,会占用军官们的时间,而且被监视的锅永远不会沸腾!

12. Jump from the frying pan into the fire!跳出油锅又入火坑

If you are already in the frying pan, that means there is heat on you – or pressure to perform. If you go from a stressful situation to an environmental that is even more stressful – the fire – you go from a bad situation to a worse one.如果你已经在煎锅里了,那就意味着你身上有热气,或者说有压力。如果你从一个有压力的环境变成一个更为有压力的环境——火灾——你就会从一个糟糕的环境变成一个更糟糕的环境。

Our working group avoided jumping from the frying pan into the fire when we decided to abandon the project that was not going well instead of spending more valuable time and resources to save it.当我们决定放弃进展不顺利的项目,而不是花费更多宝贵的时间和资源来挽救它时,我们的工作组避免了从煎锅跳到火里。

His parents thought that sending Justin to live with his grandparents during the week would help reduce his stress in school. However, his grandparents put even more pressure on him to get great grades and become captain of the basketball and debate teams – asking him to jump from the frying pan into the fire!他的父母认为让贾斯汀在一周内和爷爷奶奶住在一起有助于减轻他在学校的压力。然而,他的祖父母给了他更大的压力,要他取得好成绩,成为篮球队和辩论队的队长——让他从煎锅里跳进火里!

13. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!鱼与熊掌两者不可兼得

If you are able to get your favorite flavor of cake and eat it, you are getting the best of both worlds. Everything is going right for you.如果你能得到你最喜欢的口味的蛋糕,并吃它,你得到了最好的两个世界。你一切都很好。

However, this is almost impossible, so this proverb warns that you cannot have everything that you want. Instead, only some things can work right for you, and you will have to choose whether you want one or the other – but not both.然而,这几乎是不可能的,所以这句谚语警告说,你不能拥有你想要的一切。相反,只有一些事情能对你起作用,你将不得不选择你是想要一个或另一个-但不是两者兼得。

I know you want a great salary and have a lot of time to travel, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too! You will have to choose one or the other.我知道你想要高薪,有很多时间旅行,但你鱼和熊掌不可兼得!你必须选择其中一个。

Gary asked his parents to pay for his college tuition and give him a monthly allowance to use while studying, but his parents refused to give both. They made him choose one to teach him that he could not have his cake and eat it too.加里要求父母为他支付大学学费,并每月给他一笔零用钱,供他学习时使用,但父母都拒绝给他。他们告诉他鱼和熊掌不可兼得。

14. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!你无法强迫某人去做…

If you have a horse, you can only ask it to do so much. For example, you can lead it to a pond or lake, but you cannot force it to take a drink.如果你有一匹马,你只能要求它做这么多。例如,你可以把它引到池塘或湖边,但你不能强迫它喝水。

So, this proverb warns that you can only do so much in influencing others, and there is a limit to what you can do. You cannot force someone to do something if they have no desire to do it.所以,这句谚语警告说,你在影响他人方面只能做那么多,你能做的事情是有限的。如果某人不想做某事,你就不能强迫他去做。

Beth’s parents wanted her to move back to their hometown to get a Master’s degree, but she did not want to at all. They learned that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.贝丝的父母想让她搬回家乡读硕士,但她根本不想。他们知道你可以把马牵到水里,但你不能让他喝水。

The government wanted people to smoke less, so they raised the taxes on all cigarettes. Surprisingly, people were willing to just pay more the cigarettes and only decreased their smoking by about 2%, showing the government officials that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.政府希望人们少吸烟,所以他们提高了所有香烟的税收。令人惊讶的是,人们只愿意多掏点烟,却只减少了约2%的吸烟量,这向政府官员表明,你可以牵着马去喝水,但你不能让它喝水。

15. Life is just a bowl of cherries!生活很美好!

If something is going great, and the world is perfect, you can say that “Life is just a bowl of cherries” to show you are satisfied.如果事情进展顺利,世界是完美的,你可以说“人生不过是一碗樱桃”来表示你满意。

Damian got a great grade on his tests and received a scholarship for college, so his life is just a bowl of cherries right now.达米安的考试成绩很好,并获得了大学奖学金,所以他的生活现在只是一碗樱桃。

Frank’s wife just found out that she is pregnant, and he got a huge raise at his work, so his life is just a bowl of cherries right now.弗兰克的妻子刚刚发现她怀孕了,他在工作上得到了巨大的加薪,所以他的生活现在只是一碗樱桃。

16. Bitter pills may have blessed effects!良药苦口利于病

If you take a bitter pill – or bad-tasting medicine – it could actually have a great effect on your illness. In other words, it may take something difficult or negative to have a nice effect. Without the bitter pill or hard work, you will not be cured or get great results.如果你吃了苦味的药丸,或者吃了味道不好的药,它实际上会对你的疾病产生很大的影响。换言之,可能需要一些困难或负面的东西才能产生好的效果。没有苦涩的药丸或艰苦的工作,你将无法治愈或取得伟大的成果。

The only thing that keeps Mattie from quitting her job is her huge paycheck – bitter pills may have blessed effects!唯一能阻止玛蒂辞职的是她丰厚的薪水——苦涩的药片可能会带来幸福的效果!

It may take a long time to get started, but owning your own company can give you flexibility and a higher income. All your hard work is just bitter pills that may have blessed effects.起步可能需要很长时间,但拥有自己的公司可以给你灵活性和更高的收入。你所有的努力只是苦涩的药丸,可能会有祝福的效果。

17. Bread always falls buttered-side down!祸不单行

If you feel that everything seems to go badly when you need it to go right, you can compare life to bread. If you drop the bread, it will always fall buttered-side down, meaning that things that can go wrong will go wrong.如果你觉得每件事在你需要的时候都很糟糕,你可以把生活比作面包。如果你丢了面包,它总是会掉下来,这意味着可能出错的事情会出错。

In the business of theater and movie making, bread always falls buttered side down so you always have to be prepared and have a backup plan.在戏剧和电影制作行业,面包总是面面俱到,所以你必须时刻做好准备并有备用计划。

When you travel independently without a tour group, you can expect bread to always fall buttered side down. So, it is better to be prepared and have more cash on hand than you expect to need!当你在没有旅游团的情况下独自旅行时,你可以期望面包总是面朝下。所以,最好做好准备,手头有比你预期需要更多的现金!

18. Fine words butter no parsnips!花言巧语是无用的!

If you meet someone who always says what other people want to hear but can never deliver on what they promise, you can scold them by saying, “Fine words butter no parsnips!”如果你遇到一个人,他总是说别人想听的话,却永远不能兑现承诺,你可以骂他说:“说好话,就不要防风!

This means that fine words – such as empty promises and flattering compliments – cannot actually help solve any problems. If you use this proverb, you are asking the person to take action and stop only talking about something.这意味着,诸如空洞的承诺和奉承的恭维之类的好话,实际上无助于解决任何问题。如果你用这句谚语,你是在要求对方采取行动,不要只谈论某事。

It was nice to hear all the benefits that our boss promised were coming, such as a new break room with comfortable couches. However, fine words butter no parsnips and we had no seen any progress on these promises.很高兴听到老板承诺的所有的福利都来了,比如有一个新的休息室,里面有舒适的沙发。然而,美言不能使欧洲防风吃香,我们也没有看到这些承诺有任何进展。

Sandra spent most of her time in the office talking to her coworkers, but she was passed over for the promotion because fine words butter no parsnips – Laura worked much harder than she did.桑德拉大部分时间都在办公室里和同事聊天,但她却被提拔了,因为说好话是没有用的,劳拉工作比她努力得多。

19. Good wine needs no bush!酒香客自来

If you have a good product, you will not need much promotion for people to fall in love with it. if you have good wine, you will not need a bush to attract attention to it.如果你有一个好的产品,你将不需要太多的推广,人们就会爱上它。如果你有好酒,你就不需要灌木丛来吸引别人的注意。

Hillary thought that she would need to spend thousands of pounds marketing and advertising her new line of dresses, but it turns out most of her new customers were referred from existing customers who loved the dresses they bought from her! Good wine needs no bush.希拉里认为,她需要花费数千英镑营销和广告她的新系列服装,但事实证明,她的大多数新客户是从现有的客户谁喜欢他们从她那里买的服装介绍!酒香客自来。

Some people believe that good wine needs no bush, but then are confused when they try to sell a product that no one has heard about! Even great products need attention or else no one will know to look for them.有些人认为好酒无需吹毛求疵,但当他们试图推销一种没人听说过的产品时,却感到困惑!即使是伟大的产品也需要关注,否则没人会知道要寻找它们。

20. He who will steal an egg will steal an ox!现在偷蛋,将来偷牛。

If you do some small bad thing, such as stealing an egg from someone, it is much more likely that you will do something bigger and worse in the future. If you catch someone doing something bad, you need to keep an extra eye on them.如果你做了一些小的坏事,比如偷别人的鸡蛋,那么你很可能在未来做更大更坏的事情。如果你发现有人做了坏事,你需要多加留意。

After all, he who will steal an egg will steal an ox! If someone is willing to do small bad things, they will likely be willing to do much more significant bad things.毕竟,偷鸡蛋的人会偷牛!如果有人愿意做一些小的坏事,他们可能会愿意做更重要的坏事。

When children are young, it is important to teach them not to steal or cheat, because he who will steal an egg will steal an ox.
At the beginning of the school year, it is important for teachers to establish high expectations for their students so that they will work hard during the year. If they don’t, the children who will steal an egg will steal an ox.当孩子们还小的时候,重要的是教他们不要偷窃或欺骗,因为偷鸡蛋的人会偷牛。开学之初,教师要对学生树立很高的期望,使他们在这一年里努力学习。如果他们不这样做,那些偷鸡蛋的孩子就会偷牛。

21. Honey catches more flies than vinegar!好话比尖刻言词更管用!

If you want someone else to do something for you, it is much more effective to use something sweet – honey, which represents compliments and politeness – than it is to use something sour – like threats.如果你想让别人为你做点什么,用甜言蜜语比用酸涩的威胁更有效,甜言蜜语代表恭维和礼貌。

This proverb encourages you to be sweet rather than sour when dealing with other people.这句谚语鼓励你在和别人打交道时要甜酸苦辣。

James found out that honey catches more flies than vinegar when he tried to talk the school principle into letting him bend the graduation requirements.詹姆斯发现,当他试图说服学校的原则让他改变毕业要求时,好话比尖刻言词更管用。

Those who learn early in their lives that honey catches more flies than vinegar are more likely to be successful in their career.那些早年就知道好话比尖刻言词更管用的人,更有可能在事业上获得成功。

22. Hunger is the best spice!饥饿是最佳调味料!

When you are hungry, everything tastes good.当你饿的时候,一切都很好吃。

Because of this, the proverb hunger is the best spice means that you often think that things you eat when you are hungry taste better, simply because of your empty stomach. This does not mean they actually taste better to someone who is not as hungry.正因为如此,谚语“饥饿是最好的调味品”的意思是,你经常认为你饿了吃的东西味道更好,仅仅是因为你的空腹。这并不意味着它们对不那么饿的人来说味道更好。

Hunger is the best spice, so the sandwich that Richard remembered that was absolutely delicious turned out to be only okay when he ate it the second time.饥饿是最好的调味品,所以理查德记得非常美味的三明治只有在他第二次吃的时候才好。

Westley knew that hunger is the best spice, so he always waited until he was very hungry to eat vegetables and healthy foods he normally did not like.韦斯特利知道饥饿是最好的调味品,所以他总是等到非常饥饿时才吃他平时不喜欢的蔬菜和健康食品。

23. Kill not the goose that laid the golden egg!杀鸡取卵!

If you have a goose that lays golden eggs, some people may get greedy. Instead of waiting for it to lay one egg a day, they may try to kill the goose to open it up and take the golden eggs inside it.如果你有一只下金蛋的鹅,有些人可能会变得贪婪。与其等它一天下一个蛋,他们还不如杀了鹅,把它打开,把金蛋放进去。

This is a great idea – until they discover that there are no golden eggs in a dead goose. So, this proverb means that you should be patient, and value the source of good things without trying to get greedy.这是个好主意,直到他们发现死鹅没有金蛋。所以,这句谚语的意思是,你应该有耐心,珍惜好东西的来源,而不是贪得无厌。

It is tempting to sell your stocks when they rise in value, but kill not the goose that laid the golden egg! Waiting to sell may give you even more profits.当你的股票升值时卖掉它是很有诱惑力的,但不要杀掉下金蛋的鹅!等待出售可能会给你更多的利润。

Kill not the goose that laid the golden egg! Treat your parents well because they are some of the only people in the world that will help you in times of need.不要杀下金蛋的鹅!善待你的父母,因为他们是世界上唯一能在需要时帮助你的人。

24. Never fall out with your bread and butter!不要自找麻烦!

The bread and butter of something – when talking about a figurative thing – is the foundation of it. For an internet company, the bread and butter may be their website. For a taxi company, it may be their cars and drivers.当谈论比喻事物时,面包和黄油是它的基础。对于一家互联网公司来说,面包和黄油可能是他们的网站。对于出租车公司来说,可能是他们的车和司机。

If you fall out with your bread and butter, that means that you no longer have a relationship with the people and things that are the core of your business or life. This will leave you with nothing.如果你与你的面包和黄油,这意味着你不再有一个与人和事物的关系,这是你的业务或生活的核心。这会让你一无所获。

This proverb warns you to instead keep them happy and not to “fall out” – or get into a big, unresolved conflict – with them.这句谚语警告你要让他们快乐,不要和他们“闹翻”——或者陷入一场悬而未决的大冲突。

Never fall out with your bread and butter. If your employees ask for a raise, do not be afraid to give it to them if they deserve it.
Collin found out the hard way that he should never fall out with his bread and butter when his most trusted secretary quit and left him completely confused about his schedule and responsibilities.不要自找麻烦。如果你的员工要求加薪,如果他们应得的话,不要害怕给他们加薪。柯林找到了一条艰难的路,当他最信任的秘书辞职,让他对自己的日程安排和责任完全感到困惑时,他决不应该自找麻烦。

25. Same meat, different gravy!换汤不换药!

If you order some meat at a restaurant, and the waiter brings out something that you do not like, you can ask them to fix it.However, if the second time, the waiter simply brings out the same meat with a new gravy (a sauce) on it, you will be madder than before.如果你在餐厅点了一些肉,服务员拿出一些你不喜欢的东西,你可以叫他们来换。但是,如果第二次,服务员只是拿出同样的肉,上面有一个新的肉汁(一种调味汁),你会比以前更气愤。

This is because, even though the second meat has a different appearance from the first, it is essentially the same thing. Same meat, different gravy refers to something that is the same thing, just appearing different.这是因为,尽管第二块肉的外观与第一块不同,但本质上是一样的。同样的肉,不同的肉汁指的是同样的东西,只是看起来不同。

Jake tried to turn in an essay that he wrote in high school for his college class, but his professor somehow knew it was the same meat, different gravy.杰克试着交一篇他在高中为大学课堂写的论文,但他的教授不知怎么知道那是同一块肉,不同的肉汁。

Sometimes it is okay to be the same meat, different gravy if it adds some variety into the mix.有时,同一块肉,不同的肉汁,如果加入了一些变化,就可以了。

26. The only free cheese is in the mouse trap!天下没有免费的午餐!

If you are a mouse looking for cheese, the only place that you will be able to get it without much work (free) is in a mouse trap. In other words, this proverb means that the only free things you get have a price attached to them, even if it is not a monetary price.如果你是一只正在寻找奶酪的老鼠,你能在没有很多工作(免费)的情况下得到奶酪的唯一地方就是在老鼠陷阱里。换句话说,这句谚语的意思是,你得到的唯一免费的东西都有附加的价格,即使它不是一个货币价格。

Everyone is looking to get rich quick, but the only free cheese is in the mouse trap!每个人都想很快发财,但唯一免费的奶酪是在老鼠陷阱里!

If someone gives you an offer that sounds too amazing to be true, you should be very careful about it. The only free cheese is in the mouse trap!如果有人给了你一个听起来太不可思议而不真实的提议,你应该非常小心。唯一免费的奶酪在老鼠陷阱里!

27. There is no such thing as a free lunch!天下没有免费的午餐!

Similar to the fact that there is no free cheese for mice except in the mouse trap, this proverb warns that there is no such thing as a truly free lunch.这句谚语类似于这样一个事实:除了老鼠陷阱里没有免费的奶酪给老鼠吃,它警告说没有真正免费的午餐。

While you might not have to pay for the lunch, you will have to pay something – whether that is in favors for someone down the line or something else, such as your time. You always have to give up something.虽然你可能不必为午餐买单,但你必须支付一些东西——无论是对下线的人有利还是对其他事情有利,比如你的时间。你总是要放弃一些东西。

Andre was a fool for believing that he could go to the free luncheon and not spend money, because all the people there were trying to sell him something. He finally learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch!安德烈真是个傻瓜,他相信自己可以去参加免费午餐会,而不花钱,因为那里的人都想卖给他东西。他终于明白,天下没有免费的午餐!

There is no such thing as a free lunch! That is why it may cost half the price of a regular hotel to stay at a Disney resort, but you have to attend presentation pitches for all kinds of products.天下没有免费的午餐!这就是为什么入住迪斯尼度假酒店的价格可能是普通酒店的一半,但你必须参加各种产品的推介会。

28. The proof is in the pudding!好不好吃,吃了才知道!

If the proof is in the pudding, you will not be able to figure out the problem or get the proof for something unless you eat the pudding. You will need to actually do or try something to know whether it is actually good or if it works.如果证据在布丁里,除非你吃了布丁,否则你就无法找出问题所在或得到证据。你将需要实际做或尝试一些事情,以知道它是否真的是好的或是否有效。

There is no way to know if a tutor really helps you out unless you have a trial lesson with them! Since the proof is in the pudding, it is best to just try out a class.没有办法知道一个家庭教师是否真的帮助了你,除非你有一个试验课与他们!既然证据在布丁里,那就最好试一试。

When police try to gather evidence to help solve a case, the proof is in the pudding. They have to talk to witnesses, examine the crime scene, and do research to piece together the clues.当警察试图收集证据帮助破案时,证据就在布丁里。他们必须与目击者交谈,检查犯罪现场,并进行研究以拼凑线索。

29. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!两者皆宜!

A gander is a male goose. If something is good enough for the goose (the female animal), then it is good enough for the gander (the male animal). In other words, this proverb means that something that is good enough for someone else is good enough for you.雄鹅是雄鹅。如果某样东西对鹅(雌性动物)足够好,那么对雄鹅(雄性动物)也足够好。换言之,这句谚语的意思是,对别人来说足够好的东西对你来说足够好。

While this is not the most ideal living situation, it is how many locals live. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!
Bill’s younger brother is whining that he does not have a cell phone of his own. But at that age, Bill didn’t either! What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander – he should stop whining!虽然这不是最理想的居住环境,但却是有多少当地人居住。比尔的弟弟抱怨说他没有自己的手机。但在那个年龄,比尔也没有!两者都是公平对待的-他应该停止抱怨!

30. You can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs!有失必有得!

You can only make an omelet with eggs – usually more than one. To get them, you will have to break those eggs, which is a metaphor for giving something up or making a sacrifice.你只能用鸡蛋做一个煎蛋卷——通常不止一个。为了得到它们,你将不得不打破那些鸡蛋,这是一个比喻,放弃某事或作出牺牲。

However, in order to get the good thing, the omelet, you must make a sacrifice and break the eggs!然而,为了得到好东西,煎蛋卷,你必须做出牺牲,打破鸡蛋!

If you want to be rich, you will have to work hard and be smart with your money. You can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs!如果你想发财,你就得努力工作,用钱要聪明。你不能不打碎鸡蛋就做蛋卷!

Janice makes her great grades on her tests seem effortless, but she actually spends all her free time studying and testing herself. Did you really think she was naturally that talented? No one can make an omelet without breaking the eggs!贾妮丝使她考试成绩优异似乎不费吹灰之力,但实际上她把所有的空闲时间都花在学习和测试上了。你真的认为她天生那么有天赋吗?舍不得孩子套不住狼!