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关于衣服类的趣味俚语put a sock in it到底什么意思

Idioms are phrases or common expressions which usually have figurative but sometimes also literal meaning. Check out our list of common idioms related to clothes and clothing.习语是指通常具有比喻意义,但有时也具有字面意义的短语或常用短语。看看我们关于服装的常用成语列表。

Air one’s dirty laundry in public家丑外扬

Meaning: to talk about your personal problems and quarrels or argue in front of others含义:在别人面前谈论你的个人问题,争吵或争论。

Example: Stop fighting you two, no one wants to hear you airing your dirty laundry in public.例句:你们两个别打架了,没有人想听你们在这里吵闹家务事。

All talk and no trousers只谈空话,不做实事

Meaning: someone who talks about doing big things but doesn’t do anything含义:只是说大话但从来不做事的人

Example: I told you Eric is all talk and no trousers. He was bragging that he’ll ask Jenny put and he didn’t even say ‘hi’ to her.例句:我告诉过你埃里克只谈空话,不做实事。他吹嘘说他会约珍妮出来,但他甚至没有跟她打招呼。

At the drop of a hat毫不迟疑地

Meaning: to do something immediately含义:立刻做某事

Example: Ann was always ready to help at the drop of a hat.例句:安做好事总是毫不犹豫。

Below the belt不正当,不恰当地

Meaning: beyond what is socially acceptable behavior含义:超越社会交际可接受的行为

Example: Asking her about her mother’s sickness was below the belt.例句:询问她母亲的病情是不合适的。

Bursting at the seems过于拥挤

Meaning: to be very full during a meal, for a place to be overcrowded, or in relation to clothes that don’t fit含义:在吃饭的时候吃得很饱;地方过于拥挤;或者指不合身的衣服

Example: Wow, this club is so packed it’s bursting at the seams.例句:哇,这家俱乐部太挤了,堵得水泄不通。

Caught with one’s pants down做坏事被逮个正着

Meaning: to be exposed in an embarrassing situation or when you’re not prepared含义:在尴尬的情况下或你没有准备好的时候被发现曝光

Example: I was expecting the meeting to be next week and I was caught with my pants down when the boss asked me about my project.例句:我本来期待着会议在下周进行,但当老板问我关于项目的问题时,我被当场问住了。

Cut from the same cloth极为相似,如出一辙

Meaning: said about people who are similar含义:是极为相似的人

Example: When I talked to her for the first time I knew we were cut from the same cloth.例句:当我和她第一次谈话时,我就知道我们极为相似。

Dressed to the nines打扮得光鲜亮丽

Meaning: to wear your best clothes/outfit含义:穿上你最好的衣服

Example: I’m dressed to the nines whenever I go on a date, it makes me feel more confident.例句:我每次约会都打扮得光鲜亮丽,这让我觉得更有自信。

Fit like a glove非常合适

Meaning: about something that is the right size含义:关于合适尺寸的事物

Example: I though the wedding dress I chose would need some adjustments, but it fits me like a glove.我以为我选择的婚纱需要一些调整,但它很适合我。

Hand in glove with someone形影不离

Meaning: to have an extremely close relationship with someone含义:与某人有着非常密切的关系

Example: John is my closest coworker we do everything hand in glove.例句:约翰是我最亲密的同事,我们做什么事都形影不离。

Have a card up one’s sleeve心中有数,胸有成竹

Meaning: to have a planned strategy to use when the right time comes含义:有计划地在适当的时候使用策略

Example: During negotiation I like to have a card up my sleeve.例句:在谈判过程中,我觉得胸有成竹。

Have ants in one’s pants坐立不安

Meaning: to be nervous or excited about something含义:对某事感到紧张或焦虑

Example: Kylie’s got ants in her pants, she can’t wait for the trip.例句:凯丽坐立不安,她对于这次旅行已经迫不及待了。

Have deep pockets资金雄厚

Meaning: to be wealthy含义:有钱的

Example: The mayor has deep pockets, he can afford a car like that.市长有钱,他买得起这样的车。

Off the cuff即兴地

Meaning: without any preparation含义:毫无准备

Example: You shouldn’t make public remarks off the cuff.例句:你不应该即兴发表公开言论。

Pull up one’s socks振作起来,鼓起精神

Meaning: to try harder at something含义:在某事上更加努力

Example: You have been slacking off, it’s time to pull your socks up and pass all the exams.例句:你一直在偷懒,是时候鼓起精神,通过所有的考试了。

Put a sock in it停止讲话

Meaning: to stop talking含义:停止讲话

Example: Put a sock in it, we can’t hear what they’re saying in the movie.例句:别说话了,我听不见他们在电影里说的什么了。

Put one’s thinking cap on开动脑筋

Meaning: to think hard about something含义:努力思考某事

Example: I don’t have an idea for a gift for Janice, I need to put my thinking cap on and come up with something good.例句:我不知道给珍妮丝买什么礼物,我需要开动脑筋好好想想并想出点儿东西来。

Roll up one’s sleeve卷起袖子,准备行动

Meaning: prepare to work hard含义:准备努力工作

Example: This semester is going to be hard, we need to roll up our sleeves and get through it.例句:这个学期很难,我们需要努力度过难关。

Wear the trousers掌权,当家之人

Meaning: to be in charge含义:负责

Example: Gina wears the trousers in their relationship.例句:吉娜是他们家的一家之主。