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On the island of New Zealand, there is a grasshopper-like species of insect that is found nowhere else on earth. New Zealanders have given it the nickname weta, which is a native Maori word meaning “god of bad looks”. It’s easy to see why anyone would call this insect a bad-looking bug. Most people feel disgusted at the sight of these bulky(笨重的),slow-moving creatures.

Wetas are natural creatures; they come out of their caves and holes only after dark. A gaint weta can grow to over three inches long and weigh as much as 1.5 ounces. Giant wetas can hop up to two feet at a time. Some of them live in trees, and others live in caves. They are very long-lived for insects, and some adult wetas can live as long as two years. Just like their cousins grasshoppers and crickets, wetas are able to “sing” by rubbing their leg parts together, or against their lower bodies.

Most people probably don’t feel sympathy for these endangered creatures, but they do need protecting. The slow and clumsy wetas have been around on the island since the times of the dinosaurs, and have evolved and survived in an environment where they had no enemies until rats came to the island with European immigrants. Since rats love to hunt and eat wetas, the rat population on the island has grown into a real problem for many of the native species that are unaccustomed to its presence, and poses a serious threat to the native weta population.

1..According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?

The weta is a newly discovered insect species.

The Maoris nicknamed themselves “Wetas”.

The Europeans brought wetas to New Zealand.

Wetas are unpleasant to the eye.

2..The strange thing about wetas is that they can produce pleasant sounds by ________.

A. rubbing their body parts

B. moving slowly on the ground

C. hopping up to two feel at a time

D. coming out only at night

3.Which of the following descriptions of wetas is accurate?

A. They are quick in movement.

B. They are decreasing in number.

C. They are very active in the daytime.

D. They have a short lifespan for insects.

4.The underlined word “its” in the last paragraph is the closest in meaning to “_________”.

A. The dinosaur’s B. The weta’s C. The island’s D. The rat’s

5.From which of the following is the passage LEAST likely to be taken?

A. A science magazine. B. A travel guide.

C. A business journal. D. biology textbook.










1. 细节理解题。根据文章首段末句It’s easy to see why anyone would call this insect a bad-looking bug. Most people feel disgusted at the sight of these bulky,slow-moving creatures.可知这种昆虫很难看,选D。

2. 细节理解题。根据文章第二段中wetas are able to “sing” by rubbing their leg parts together, or against their lower bodies.可知选A。

3. 细节理解题。从文章末段Since rats love to hunt and eat wetas, …… and poses a serious threat to the native weta population.可知这种昆虫数量在减少,选B。

4. 词义推断题。从前句内容the rat population on the island has grown into a real problem可知老鼠的存在威胁到了岛上其他的物种,its指老鼠,选D。



If you want to stand out,there is no alternative but hard work.

Once a boy in____clothes full of patches ran to ask a successful building contractor (承包商) in a construction site,“How could I become as ____as you when I grow up?”

With a___at the boy,the contractor replied,“There is a story about three diggers.The first digger liked holding a spade without doing anything but saying that he wanted to be a(n) ____in the future.The second always liked____about the work and his low____.The third digger liked____devoting himself to digging.Later,the first was still holding his spade in the___place and the second took an excuse for early____.Only the third became a boss.Do you understand the ____of this story?Just go to buy a____shirt and work hard.”

The little boy was____.So he asked the contractor to explain further.____the working builders,the contractor replied,“Look at my workers!I can’t remember all their names,and even I have no____of some of them.Most of them wear blue shirts.But if you look____,you will notice a sunburned man in red.He seems to be working harder than others.He is always the first one to work while the last one to leave.It is exactly his red shirt that makes him____.Soon he will be____to my assistant.You know,that is also how I got_____I am now.I worked hard and wore a striped shirt.My boss ____me.I also became a boss eventually.”

Success can only____action.Working hard is all winners’ shared experience for achieving their dreams.

1.A.spotted  B.ragged

C.elegant D.formal

2.A.creative  B.strong

C.rich  D.responsible

3.A.glance   B.laugh

C.wave  D.shout

4.A.designer  B.architect

C.boss  D.assistant

5.A.thinking  B.learning

C.explaining  D.complaining

6.A.spirit  B.salary

C.ability D.intelligence

7.A.quietly B.excitedly

C.obviously  D.freely

8.A.remote  B.ideal

C.original D.suitable

9.A.arrival  B.retirement

C.development  D. payment

10.A.ending  B.people

C.moral  D.importance

11.A.yellow B.red

C.white  D.blue

12.A.puzzled  B.disappointed

C.embarrassed  D.inspired

13.A.Speaking to  B.Referring to

C.Coming to  D.Pointing to

14.A.impression B.description

C.information   D.expression

15.A.frequently  B.regularly

C.carefully D.doubtfully

16.A.stand out  B.work out

C.turn out  D.give out

17.A.employed  B.elected

C.admitted  D.promoted

18.A.which  B.where

C.who  D.why

19.A.praised  B.ignored

C.scolded  D.noticed

20.A.bring about  B.lead to

C.result from D.get into
























语篇解读 本文讲述了成功的秘诀。一个人要想成功,只有辛勤劳动、与众不同才能出人头地,最终实现自己的梦想。

1.解析: 根据空后的“full of patches”可知,这里表示一个“衣衫褴褛的”男孩儿。

答案: B

2.2】解析: “我”长大后怎样才能成为和你一样“富有的”人?

答案: C

3.3】解析: 根据下文可知,承商包应该是先“打量”这个男孩子,然后再回答他的问题。

答案: A

4.4】解析: 下文的“became a boss”是线索提示。

答案: C

5.5】解析: 第二个人总喜欢“抱怨”工作和“薪水”低。

答案: D

6.6】解析: 参见上题解析。salary薪水,符合语境。

答案: B

7.7】解析: 第三个人喜欢“安静地”工作。

答案: A

8.8】解析: 第一个人依旧拿着锹在“原来的”职位上,第二个人找了个借口提前“退休”,只有第三个人最终成了老板。

答案: C

9.9】答案: B

10.0】解析: 你懂得这个故事的“寓意”吗?

答案: C

11.1】解析: 根据下文可知,他让男孩买件“红色的”衬衫,并且努力工作。

答案: B

12.2】解析: 根据下文男孩要这个承包商进一步解释原因可知,开始他是“困惑的”。

答案: A

13.3】解析: 根据后文的“Look at my workers!”可知,当时承包商是“指向”那些在干活的建筑工人们。

答案: D

14.4】解析: “我”不能记住他们所有人的名字,甚至对一些人没有什么“印象”。

答案: A

15.5】解析: 但是如果你“仔细地”看,你就会注意到一个晒伤的穿红色衣服的人。

答案: C

16.6】解析: 正是他的红色衣服使他“显眼”。

答案: A

17.7】解析:  很快他将被“提升”为“我”的助手。

答案: D

18.8】解析: 那也是“我”如何走到现在这个位置的原因。where在某个地方,引导地点状语从句,符合语境。

答案: B

19.9】解析: “我”穿条纹衬衫努力工作。“我”的老板因此“注意”到了“我”。

答案: D

20.20】解析: result from…因……产生,由……造成,符合语境。

答案: C