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高三学生面临沉重的学习压力, 很多学生利用课间十分钟的休息时间学习, 实际上没有什么效果。假如你是新华中学高三年级的李立, 就此现象给中学生英语报写封信,发表自己的看法。信的内容包括以下要点:

1. 十分钟的课间休息的必要性(说明理由);

2. 你是怎样利用这十分钟的。

注意:1. 词数 120-150; 2. 信的开头已经给出(不计入总数)。

Dear Editor,

I’m a Senior 3 student from Xinhua Middle school. _________________________________




Li Li



One possible version:

Dear Editor,

I’m a Senior 3 student from Xinhua Middle School. As is known to all, senior 3 students are suffering heavy pressure of study. As a result, many students are trying to spare every minute to study, even during the ten-minute break between classes.

In my opinion, taking the ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary, which makes us relaxed both physically and mentally. The ten-minute break is meant for us to relax and prepare for the next class. Only by doing so can we have more energy to study effectively in class.

My ten-minute break is always pleasing as well as relaxing. Sometimes I do some simple exercises. Sometimes I have a free chat with my classmates or just take a walk outside. Therefore, I always feel energetic and listen attentively in class.



根据提示可知本文为信件类作文。信件类作文要注意格式和结束语。可以采取一般作文的三段式结构,第一段用两到三句话如I’m a Senior 3 student from Xinhua Middle School和many students are trying to spare every minute to study, even during the ten-minute break between classes简单介绍自我和写作目的。正文部分用三到四句话讲述写作背景及目的。在这一段的描述中,注意阐明清楚出题者的两点要求“1. 十分钟的课间休息的必要性(说明理由);2. 你是怎样利用这十分钟的”。可以用in my opinion, as far as I can see, in my view, I think that 等等引出自己观点。当然同学们可以将这两点要求分开阐述,第二点要求写在第三段里。检查全文的时候再加上适当的过渡词如First,besides等使得文章上下文衔接自然,最后检查格式。


本篇范文结构清晰,层次分明,段首句即为该段的中心句,如In my opinion, taking the ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary和第三段的My ten-minute break is always pleasing as well as relaxing。其次文章中各种句型灵活使用,如第一段的as引导的非限制性定语从句As is known to all, senior 3 students are suffering heavy pressure of study。第二段中的句型变化更为巧妙,如动名词taking the ten-minute break between classes做主语,以及which引导的非限制性定语从句which makes us relaxed both physically and mentally。还有only接状语位于句首的部分倒装句Only by doing so can we have more energy to study effectively in class。精彩句型非常多,就不一一列举了。而且正文部分结构清晰,对出题者的要求都包括在内。最后是各种短语如as a result, be meant for sb. to do sth,等的使用,都为文章增色不少。


On a trip to California,my family stopped for lunch.As we walked toward the entrance to the restaurant,a man,with a____beard and dirty hair,jumped up from a bench outside the restaurant and opened the door for us.Regardless of his____,he greeted us in a friendly way.

Once inside,my daughters whispered,“Mom,he ____.”After we ordered our lunch,I explained,telling the kids to look___the dirt.We then watched other customers approach the restaurant but many____him.Seeing this rudeness truly upset me.The day I became a mother,I had determined to set a good____to my children.Yet sometimes when things didn’t go right,being a good example was ____.When our meal arrived,I realized I had left the car?sick pills in the truck.With the windiest trip ahead,the kids needed them,so I____myself from the meal and went to get them.

Just then,the “doorman” was opening the door for a couple.They rushed past him without even acknowledging his____.Letting them in first,I said a loud “thank you” to him as I____.

When I returned,we talked a bit.He said he was not allowed inside____he purchased food.I went back and told my family his____.Then I asked our waitress to add one soup and sandwich.The kids looked____as we had already eaten,but when I said the order was for the “doorman”,they smiled.When it was time to____ our trip,I found the “doorman” enjoying his meal.Upon seeing me,he stood up and thanked me heartily.He then____ out his hand for a handshake and I gratefully accepted.I suddenly____the tears in his eyes—tears of gratitude (感激).What happened next drew great astonishment:I gave the “doorman” a____.He pulled away,with tears____down his face.

Back in truck,I fell into deep thought.While we can’t choose many things in life,we can choose when to show gratitude.I said thanks to a man who had____held open a door for me,and also said thanks for that ___ to teach my children by example.

1.A.clean B.messy

C.pretty  D.bright

2.A.service  B.appearance

C.state  D.attitude

3.A.smokes  B.smiles

C.sighs  D.smells

4.A.beyond  B.over

C.around  D.into

5.A.hated  B.ignored

C.missed  D.refused

6.A.target  B.rule

C.record  D.example

7.A.stressful  B.accessible

C.awkward  D.tough

8.A.excused  B.refreshed

C.prevented  D.forgave

9.A.company  B.presence

C.challenge  D.attack

10.A.quitted  B.marched

C.exited  D.approached

11.A.before  B.unless

C.though  D.since

12.A.story  B.deed

C.desire  D.demand

13.A.concerned  B.excited

C.puzzled  D.bored

14.A.make  B.start

C.take  D.continue

15..A.reached  B.washed

C.raised  D.waved

16.A.watched  B.inspected

C.witnessed  D.noticed

17.A.hug  B.nod

C.lift D.strike

18.A.slipping   B.rolling

C.rushing  D.breaking

19.A.firmly  B.constantly

C.simply    D.politely

20.A.journey  B.wisdom

C.opportunity D.community
























语篇解读 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章,主要讲述了作者在和家人驱车旅游途中遇到了一位“看门人”,作者为“看门人”买了一份午餐的故事。这个故事告诉我们要学会向他人表达我们的感谢并关爱他人。

1.解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:当我们走到一家餐馆的门口时,一个胡子杂乱,头发脏兮兮的男人从餐馆外的一个凳子上跳了下来,为我们开了门。与“and dirty hair”相呼应,此处应填messy,意为“乱糟糟的”,故选B。

答案: B

2.2】解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:尽管外表邋遢,但他跟我们友好地打招呼。该句与上文描述的邋遢形象相呼应,故选项B符合文意。service服务;state状态;attitude态度,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: B

3.3】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:一走进饭馆里,我的女儿们就小声说:“妈妈,那个人臭烘烘的。”根据上文描述的那个人的邋遏可推测,那个人身上气味难闻,故D符合语境。

答案: D

4.4】解析: 考查介词辨析。句意为:在我们点过午餐后,我解释说不要只看到别人身上的污垢。由下文作者为这个男人点午餐又和他握手,可知,作者并不嫌弃他脏,这里作者是告诉孩子看人不要只看到一个人外表的脏。故答案A符合文意。look over检查;look around环顾;look into调查,朝里面看,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: A

5.5】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:接着我们看到其他人来到这个餐馆,但是许多人都对这个“看门人”视而不见(ignore)。根据下文“Seeing this rudeness truly upset me.”可推知,许多人对他视而不见,这是不礼貌的。故B项符合文意。hate憎恨;miss想念,错过;refuse拒绝,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: B

6.6】解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:从我第一天成为母亲开始,我就下决心给孩子们树立好榜样。根据下文中的“being a good example”可知,答案D符合文意。

答案: D

7.7】解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:然而有时当事情不对劲时,做个好榜样不是那么容易的事(tough)。根据本句中yet可知,想为孩子们身体力行并不那么容易,和那个脏兮兮的人接触不是每个人都能做到的,故D项符合文意。stressful有压力的;accessible可得到的;awkward尴尬的,均不符合语境。

答案: D

8.8】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:由于前面的旅途风会很大,孩子们需要晕车药,因此我以此为借口(excuse)离开饭桌去给他们取药。根据上文作者要为孩子做榜样,所以此处作者正好需要为孩子拿晕车药,故以此为借口,故答案A符合文意。refresh振奋;prevent阻止;forgive原谅,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: A

9.9】解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:他们从他的身边匆匆走过,甚至不愿意承认他的存在。company公司,陪伴;presence存在;challenge挑战;attack攻击。根据句意和上文语境可知,答案B符合文意。

答案: B

10.0】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:在我出去(exit)的时候,我让他们先进来,并故意对他大声说“谢谢你”。根据第四段第一句“When I returned,we talked a bit.”可知,作者之前出去了,故答案C符合文意。quit停止,辞职;march游行,前进;approach到达,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: C

11.1】解析: 考查连词辨析。句意为:他说除非(unless)他买东西,否则他是不允许到餐馆里去的。根据空格前后两个句子之间的逻辑关系可知,答案B符合文意。before在……之前;though尽管;since自从,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: B

12.2】解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:我回到餐桌上,给家人讲这个“看门人”的故事(story)。deed行为;desire渴望,demand要求,均不符合语境,故排除。story符合语境,故选A项。

答案: A

13.3】解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:因为我们已经吃过饭了,所以当我又点餐时,孩子们都很困惑(puzzled)。故答案C符合文意。根据本句后半部分“…as we had already eaten…”可知,作者的行为使孩子们感到很疑惑,故答案C符合文意。concerned关切的;excited兴奋的:bored无聊的,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: C

14.4】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:当我们要继续(continue)旅行时。我发现那个“看门人”正在享用他的午餐。根据文章第一句和第二段最后一句中的“With the windiest trip ahead…”可知,作者一家人在旅行中途停下来吃饭,吃完饭还要继续旅行,故答案D符合文意。

答案: D

15.5】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:接着他伸出手要和我握手,我感激地接受了。根据“for a handshake”可知,reach out one’s hand伸出手,符合语境,故答案A正确。

答案: A

16.6】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:我突然注意到(notice)他流下了感激的眼泪。notice注意到,留意到,符合语境。watch凝视;inspect视察;witness见证,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: D

17.7】解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:接下来发生的事情让大家很吃惊:我给了那个“看门人”一个拥抱(hug)。该句与下句“He pulled away…”相呼应,并和上文提到作者和这个邋遢的“看门人”握手相呼应,故答案A符合文意。nod点头;lift举起,搭便车;strike打,敲,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: A

18.8】解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:他推开了我,眼泪顺着脸颊流(roll)了下来。slip滑倒;rush冲;break打破。泪水滚下脸颊,应用roll,故答案B符合文章。

答案: B

19.9】解析: 考查副词辨析。 句意为:我向一个仅仅(simply)为我们开门的人表示感谢,感谢他给了我一个机会(opportunity)给孩子们做榜样,去教育孩子。为别人开门只是一件小事,故答案C符合文意。firmly坚定地;constantly经常地;politely礼貌地,均不符合文意,故排除。

答案: C

20.20】解析: 考查名词辨析。journey(长途)旅行;wisdom智慧;community社区,均不符合语境,故排除。

答案: C