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The following English idioms and expressions use the noun ‘heart.’ Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help you understand these common idiomatic expressions. Once you have studied these expressions, test your knowledge with a quiz testing idioms and expressions with ‘heart.’下面的英语习语和短语使用名词“heart”。每个习语或短语都有一个定义和两个例句,以帮助您理解这些常见的习语表达。一旦你学习了这些表达,用测验测试带有“心”的习语和表达。

Break Someone’s Heart伤透某人的心

Definition: Hurt someone, usually romantically, or to cause some great disappointment.定义:伤害某人,通常是浪漫的,或者引起一些极大的失望。

Angela broke Brad’s heart last year. He can’t get over her.安吉拉去年伤了布拉德的心。他忘不了她。

I think losing the job broke his heart.我认为失业使他心碎。

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die心划十字,以死起誓

Definition: Phrase meaning that you swear you are telling the truth.定义:意思是你发誓说的是实话。

I cross my heart and hope to die. She’s coming tomorrow!我发誓,她明天一定会来!

Do you cross your heart and hope to die? I won’t believe you otherwise.除非你心划十字,以死起誓,否则我不会相信你的。

Eat Your Heart Out嫉妒吧

Definition: To be jealous or envious of someone else.定义:羡慕或嫉妒他人。

I’m going to New York next week. Eat your heart out!我下周要去纽约。嫉妒吧!

When he hears about your promotion he’ll eat his heart out.当他听到你升职的消息时,肯定羡慕得不得了。

Follow Your Heart听从内心

Definition: Do what you believe is right.定义:做你认为正确的事。

I think you should follow your heart and move to Chicago.我认为你应该听从你心去芝加哥。

She said she had to follow her heart and marry Peter, even if her parents didn’t approve.她说,即使她的父母不同意,她也要听从内心嫁给彼得。

From the Bottom of My Heart打心底里

Definition: Usually used in the first person, this phrase means that you are completely sincere.定义:通常使用于第一人称中,这个短语意味着你是完全真诚的。

You’re the best player on the basketball team. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.你是篮球队最好的球员。我是从心底说的。

I think you are a wonderful person. Really, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.我觉得你是个很好的人。真的,我是从心底说的。

Get at the Heart of the Matter抓住核心

Definition: Discuss the main issue, concern.定义:讨论主要问题,关键点。

I’d like to get at the heart of the matter by discussing our marketing proposals.我想通过讨论我们的市场营销建议来把这件事放在核心位置。

She didn’t waste any time and got right to the heart of the matter.她不浪费一分一秒,直接进入主题。

Be Halfhearted About Something做事心不在焉

Definition: Not do or take something completely seriously.定义:对待某事完全不认真。

I wish you weren’t so halfhearted about this new project! Get serious!我希望你不要对这个新项目这么不上心!认真点!

She was rather halfhearted in her attempts to find a job.她在找工作时态度相当漫不经心。

Have a Change of Heart改变心意

Definition: Change one’s mind.定义:改变某人的想法

Fred had a change of heart and invited the young boy into his home.弗雷德改变了主意,邀请那个小男孩回家。

I wish you would have a change of heart about Tim. He really deserves some help.我希望你能改变对蒂姆的看法。他真的需要帮助。

Have a Heart of Gold赤子之心

Definition: Be very trustworthy and well-meaning.定义:形容人非常可靠且好心的。

Peter has a heart of gold if you give him the chance to prove himself.如果你给彼得机会证明自己,他其实非常善良心软。

You can trust her. She has a heart of gold.你可以信任她。她有一颗赤子之心。

Have a Heart of Stone铁石心肠

Definition: Be cold, unforgiving.定义:冷漠,记仇的

She’ll never understand your position. She has a heart of stone.她永远不会明白你的处境。她是个铁石心肠的人。

Don’t expect any pity from me. I have a heart of stone.不要期望从我这儿得到任何怜悯。我就是一个冷漠无情的人。

Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk敞开心扉地交流

Definition: Have an open and honest discussion with someone.与某人进行坦率且诚实的谈话

I think it’s time we had a heart-to-heart talk about your grades.我觉得,我们是时候就你的成绩来一场促膝长谈了。

She called her friend Betty to have a heart-to-heart talk with her about her problems.她叫上朋友贝蒂,与她促膝长谈了她的种种问题。

Have Your Heart in the Right Place / One’s Heart in the Right Place心怀好意

Definition: To mean well, have the right intentions.定义:心怀好意,有正确的意图

Come on, you know John has his heart in the right place. He just made a mistake.算了吧,你知道约翰是出于好意。他只是犯了个错误而已。

Know Something by Heart /Learn Something by Heart背熟

Definition: Know something such as lines in a play, or music perfectly, to be able to perform something by memory.清楚地记得剧本的台词或音乐,能够通过记忆将其表演出来。

He knew all his lines by heart two weeks before the performance.在上台表演前的两个星期,他就把自己所有的台词记得滚瓜烂熟了。

You need to learn this piece by heart next week.你需要在下个星期将这个部分记得滚瓜烂熟。

Have One’s Heart Set on Something /Set Against Something非常想/不想得到某事

Definition: Absolutely want something / Absolutely not want something.定义:非常想得到某事物/非常不想得到某事物

She has her heart set on winning the medal.她非常想赢得这枚勋章。

Frank has his heart set against his promotion. There’s nothing I can do to help him.弗兰克非常不想升职。我帮不了他。

One’s Heart Misses a Beat / One’s Heart Skips a Beat心惊胆战

Definition: To be completely surprised by something.定义:彻底被某事震惊

My heart missed a beat when I heard the news that she was pregnant.当我听到她怀孕的消息时,我的心里一惊。

She was so surprised by the announcement that her heart skipped a beat.她对这一消息感到非常惊讶,以致心里一惊。

Pour One’s Heart Out倾诉衷肠

Definition: Confess or confide in someone.定义:对某人倾吐心意

I poured my heart out to Tim when I discovered that I hadn’t received the promotion.当我发现自己没有升职时,我向蒂姆倾诉了这件事。

I wish you would pour your heart out to someone. You need to get these feelings out.我希望你能向某人倾诉这件事。你需要把这些感觉释放出来。

Take Heart鼓足精神

Definition: Have courage.定义:有勇气

You should take heart and try your best.你应该振作起来,尽力而为。

Take heart. The worst is over.振作起来。最糟糕的事情已经过去了。